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When your room feels like a Mexican Restaurant...

I studied color theory in my Interior Design class. I know how important color choice can be and how different colors can be influential. But I wasn't prepared for the difference a subtle cream undertone could make. I chose our paint colors for our Master Bedroom. It took forever, perhaps because I'd already chosen colors for every other room in the house - so when I finally chose a cream with a red accent wall I was so relieved it was over. Unfortunately I didn't double check the cream color before I painted the whole room. I finished it and stood back and thought there was something off. Then I decided it was just that I didn't really like the red. The next day I decided it was definitely the red, the cream just didn't work with it. The cream looked too orange and it was making me feel like the room was a restaurant, not a romantic room. So I decided I would rather repaint one wall. I grab my paint fan, pull out the green that was choice #2 and put it up to the cream. It didn't go either. How odd. I knew the cream was supposed to go with either one - in case we decided we didn't like the red. I was so confused. I whipped out the cream chip at that point. The cream on the wall seemed off, by just a little. Why? So I double checked the can. It was the wrong color. Argh. What do I do? We got the cream replaced with the correct color. So today the room is cream (the brown based cream, not orange based) with a red accent wall. It looks fantastic - no longer a Mexican Restaurant. Hurray! I just have to finish up the red accent wall. We're striping it with gloss/flat in the same color. I'll let you know how that goes.

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