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I'm Maggie Reno, born and raised in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada but now I live with my husband and two children just outside of Seattle, WA.

I learned to sew at a really young age. My Mom taught me to sew using stitch practice cards. I remember graduating from them to actually sewing on fabric with thread and thinking I was on top of the world. I still had so much to learn! I started with doll clothes, then it turned into mending and sewing my own clothes. In high school I studied Fashion Design and even designed my prom dress. I learned hand quilting from both of my Grandmothers and assisted on a few quilts of theirs.

In college I studied Computer Science, Spanish and Business. After getting married I became passionate about DIYs, and Interior Design. I'm willing to attempt any project to save money or get the exact look I want. Motherhood made me even more passionate about creativity. Photography, Graphic Design, and lots more sewing became my passion.


I now enjoy many of the hobbies I developed but quilting and sewing are my favorites. I love being creative and feel amazing when I finish a new project! I also love gardening, the outdoors, my family, reading, singing, traveling, service and so much more! I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am so amazed daily by the wonders of God and grateful to Him that I can use the gifts he gave me to inspire and uplift others.

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