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Our Exciting News...

Ha ha ha ha. You all go ahead and think what you will. I'm not pregnant. You can trust me on that one. (This stems from the fact that two of my friends have blogged their exciting pregnancy news this week! That and the flu attack I had this weekend while visiting family raised a few questions among sibblings. Yeah - I know you were all wondering.) The real news is that our laminate flooring is completely installed! I want to give a huge round of applause to my dad, my husband, and our wonderful friends (names not mentioned for sake of anonymity - but we truly appreciate each one of you...) for all their hard work. I'll confess I myself got into the ordeal and clicked in a few planks myself. It's not rocket science - but it is HARD work. (Standing Ovation for all above mentioned here.) OK I will post pictures quickly. What I actually plan to do is post before and afters for everyone. Then you can fully appreciate how wonderful this is for us! Seriously - our carpets were nasty and getting nastier by the minute. Now we have to replace the carpet in the hall/stairs and master bedroom and we will hopefully have no more carpet beetles. I know. Gross. Interestingly enough - along with the change in flooring our little guys mysterious rash has also disappeared. It made a short reappearance last night - but it does gross me out to think it might have been the carpet causing the rash all along. I'd love to say we are all healthier - but this weekend we came down with the flu. Yes it was nasty. You don't want details. I'll just say - little one and I are doing better. My wonderful husband on the other hand, I think taking care of us about did him in. He's in the first stages of recovery and I'm hoping and praying all will be better tomorrow.

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