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Christmas Project

In the gift exchange this year my son got one of my nieces. The girls both got American Girl dolls last year for Christmas. This year I thought I'd surprise her with something for the doll. So I checked out the American Girl Magazine. There was no way I was going to buy anything in it. I could barely afford the clothes, let alone anything else. So I decided to find something else. The next day I was at D.I. browsing through the toys when I noticed a large Jewelry Box on the end of a shelf near me. I couldn't pass the opportunity up. $6 later I had yet another re-purpose project.

Jewelry Box becomes Doll Armoire.

The process was long. I sanded a bit and painted, but it took several layers. The brown was just so hard to cover. I put new fabric in the top and the drawers as well. A gloss coat for protection and all back together. I think it turned out fabulous. My niece loves it.

The day before Christmas I actually played Santa's Helper as well and sewed my other niece bedding for her new doll bed to match the armoire. It's absolutely adorable. I'm waiting for a picture of that.

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