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Cutest Fabric of the Year!

While recently in Sacramento I desperately needed some retail therapy. I looked up several fabric stores and chose a few that seemed promising. After breakfast one morning, we looked up which fabric store was closest. Hi-Fashion Fabrics it was! I can't say it was in the most promising area of town. There was no parking out front, in fact, we weren't sure quite where to park. But I have to confess I spent a thoroughly enjoyable hour there.

It was refreshing to have such different fabrics to look at. I was thrilled that the name rang true as I looked at the stock. They carried a lot of fashion fabric as opposed to the typical fabric store overstocked with quilting fabric and fleece. Not that I don't like that kind of fabric. It's just that I really wanted some different styles to add to my stash. I was also happy to see great prices. I didn't pay more than $6.99 a yard for any of the fabric I purchased!

First I found a stretch fabric that I think is swim-suit fabric. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I loved the design way too much to not get a little bit of it. Next up was a red and grey striped knit. I thought it would be fun for a hat, as arms on a tee, or as a tee itself. Of course, I had to purchase two really cute cotton prints too.

Lastly, I purchased 6 yards of a sweat shirt knit. 3 of the cream background and 3 of the blue background. I can't begin to tell you how adorable it is, so I'll at least show you this one:

Did you fall in love? Much thanks to Kokka Company for this incredibly adorable fabric. I've never seen the likes - and I can't wait to make little sweat pants with a cute tee to match. You can also see more adorable Kokka Fabrics on Amazon.

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