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Minky Lovey - Free Pattern

A few years ago I was admiring a bunch of Cathedral Window Quilts. I think they are gorgeous. I thought it was such a shame they were so much work - because I just don't have the time for all that work right now. Maybe someday. Then I realized it wouldn't be too hard to make a rag version of it and searched online for tutorials. There were a few out there, most using denim. While I love the look of denim, it is heavy and not as soft for a baby blanket. So I decided to make one using Minky on the back. I love how it turned out.

(Moda Sweetwater Charm Pack)

After I had the second one all together I felt that a Satin binding would finish it off nicely. It's not required, and I don't do it on every one of them but I think it looks so good that way.

(Charm Pack from Joann Fabrics)

I've made a few of these now using several colors of Minky. I have loved each one. I did try making one with Cuddle Soft - which is very different from Minky. Instead of stretching it tends to shrink so you have to adjust the tension differently. Lesson learned the hard way!

I decided to make a pattern for the blanket available free to anyone interested in making it. Hope you all enjoy! There are lots of tips in this pattern for making the sewing easier. Please read through it well. (And if you see any typos or have any problems, please let me know.)

FREE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY - By downloading this file you agree to the following terms: This pattern is for use in your own projects; not for commercial use. Please do not distribute these files to others, but refer others here to download for themselves instead -- these files are given freely for download from my site only. Thanks for your understanding! Your own designs created with these files may be submitted to magazines, contests and Internet galleries, with proper credit given to Maggie Muggins Designs. If you have questions about the use of a file please contact me through email.

Share your makes with #minkyloveyquilt and #maggiemugginsdesigns. Thanks!

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