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Quilted Pillow Cover

Quilted Pillow covers are such a quick and fun project! They're a great project for learning the whole quilt process without starting out too big. For that reason, and because they go great with a matching quilt, many of my patterns have instructions for a pillow cover as well.

Fade Away Quilt Pattern releases February 14th.

In order to turn it into a pillow cover I have two different patterns. Click on the links to download these patterns. I have added instructions so that you can easily adapt the pattern to other quilt patterns or your own blocks as well.

Envelope Pillow Cover: Download Here

Invisible Zipper Cover: Download Here

Now let's talk about pillow inserts. I have made throw pillows for years. The typical standard for throw pillow covers is to use an insert 2-4" larger than your pillow. The type and amount of filling are what affect that. However, I have two favorite companies that I purchase inserts from and their inserts are soft and full and do not require sizing up at all! They also hold their shape so well. I've had some of these inserts for three years now and they are still holding their shape beautifully even with daily use. Both of these are a premium faux-down filler and fill out your cover really nicely:

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Maholi Inc.
Maholi Inc.
Apr 15, 2022

The very best unique, custom Quilted pillow covers, Down Pillows. Thanks for sharing such amazing post.

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