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"Up" Themed Women's Workshop

Wondering where I disappeared to? I know I said I'd be back, I know it's been over 2 weeks. BUT I had a huge event to plan for, and a family to take care of too. A few months ago I got called to be a counselor in Relief Society, the one over extra activities. This last month has been especially busy as we've prepared for our Super Saturday. We decided to cut back on the crafts and add classes in so we called it a Woman's Workshop instead.

The Workshop was given a simple theme "UP". Something that was both fun, spiritual, and easy to incorporate. You see, I've learned that a theme makes advertising much easier, and gets people more excited about the big day.

For the invitation I used a Hot Air Balloon Scrapbook Kit. It fit perfectly with the UP theme.

The classes ran every 45 minutes, with the teachers advised to take 30 minutes and give a good break in between. We had 3 classes each block and ran a few of them twice so there were 6 classes total. If I do this again, I will only run 2 classes each block as we did not have very big classes. The classes ran in smaller rooms in the building and we set up the gym for lunch, crafts and set up a quilt to tie and donate.

Below is a list of the classes that we had - for more information or a better description (if you are planning a Workshop yourself) you can go to the blog post here.

My team (Activities Committee) was awesome. Two sisters took over the food (Cafe Rio Pulled Pork Salad) and did a fabulous job! It was amazing! The Pulled Pork was a perfect make ahead meal. They did two large batches of pork (my Mom's recipe) and most of the sides.

Another sister care of the nursery and got some really fun brethren in there to watch the kids. All helped set up and with decorations. Honestly, I could not have done a single thing without them. What an amazing group for me to work with! For the decorations we kept it VERY simple. White tablecloths with helium filled balloons (one yellow, one pink) on each table. There were also signs matching the invitation on the doors to let people know where the classes were. It looked really cute without being over the top.

Lastly, we had some simple, but cute crafts. Traditionally Super Saturday's have had lots of crafts and simple things you can make as Christmas gifts. In keeping with that we decided to make Cookies in a Jar and little Hot Chocolates in a Jar. (I'll have more on each of these soon.)

We also did a Family Message Board. I made the vinyl for this on my Silhouette and it was simple to cut. I will also post more about this craft soon. I was absolutely in love with one girl's frame. She made it black, with white edges and white polka dots. It was adorable! This idea came from this blog here, where she used an IKEA cabinet door and left the back open.

My sweet Relief Society President gave a great message before lunch and made a fabulous take-home handout with little messages from all of the classes. The magnetic pocket and tags (made on the Silhouette) were so adorable and everyone loved them!

I really think this turned out great. There are a few things I would do differently - and I will have extras of the crafts for the day of (there were a few people who wished they had ordered some crafts). It was fun though. Great classes by awesome teachers, fun socializing, good food, and a good message.

Now to make thank-you's for all my amazing helpers (especially my awesome husband who was there helping out the entire time).

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