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Tiny Planter Pincushion

I made this pincushion to go with the flower pins I made for my Quilter's Prop Kit. You can visit that post for instructions on how to make the pins.


Mini Planters (About 2.5" tall)

5" square piece of Fabric

5" square piece of Fusible Fleece

Scrap pieces of Batting


Thread (8wt)


You can watch the video below for a full tutorial.

  1. Press the 5" square of Fusible Fleece (bumpy side) to the wrong side of the 5" square of fabric.

  2. Cut it into a circular shape, or just round the corners.

  3. Stitch with heavy weight thread around the edge of the circle of fabric, leaving a tail at the beginning.

  4. Gather the fabric by pulling the thread with the fleece towards the inside. Once you have a bowl shape, stuff the bowl tightly with the fiber fill.

  5. Tighten the gather until the hole is closed as best as possible, forming a ball shape. Add more fiber fill as needed. Knot the threads and stitch across the opening more to secure it.

  6. Fill the planter with scrap batting about half way up. Put the stuffed ball into the planter. If it's too low, remove it and add more batting. You should not need to glue as the edges of the planter will hold the stuffed ball in place.

  7. Insert pins!

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