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Quilter's Prop Kit

Updated: Mar 19

I signed up for an Icebreaker Dinner on one of the evenings during QuiltCon. It was sponsored by four of the nicest quilters: Lindsey from Pear Tree Market, Kaitlyn from Knot and Thread, Laurel from Snowberry Street and Laura from The Gathering Quilt. During the dinner we had a paper bag swap. We were told a small gift and of course, I TRIED to stick to the instructions. Honestly, I didn't go much over budget. But if you know me, you know my gifts are usually extra. My new friend got a QuiltCon labeled Holland Pouch filled with some fun props to add to photos for social media!

Holland Pouch with QuiltCon on the handle in scrappy lettering.

I searched my selvages and even used a "Q": from an alphabet print for the label on the handle. The Holland Pouch pattern from Center Street Quilts is really easy to follow and fun to dress up with a quilted exterior.

Contents of Prop Kit for quilters and sewists. Scissors, pins, wooden spools, floral pins and more.


  1. Embroidery Scissors Kit Scissors, Needle Case, Thread Bobbin, Awl, Thimble and Needle. Since this needed to travel I used cork scraps to make little covers for the scissors and awl. I also wrapped some embroidery floss onto the thread bobbin.

  2. Dark Wood Bobbins I had extras from a set I got for decorating my studio. I wrapped one in scrap lace and then added a lace bow around it.

  3. Unfinished Wood Bobbins I had extras of these ones too. I wrapped one in some embroidery floss.

  4. Ruler Twill Tape I had this in my ribbon collection so I cut off 10". Wouldn't this be so cute for a photo when you want to show the size of the pieces?

  5. Cork Heart Magnets I could see these just as a cute prop, so I added some that I had made recently. You can learn more about them and how they are used on my last blog post.

  6. Greenery and Flowers Finally a few stems of greenery and some artificial flowers can go a long way to brightening up a photo. These are just small clippings from a flower and greenery stem from Joann Fabrics and Crafts. I stuffed a lot of extra flowers in there for padding during the flight, but you really only need a couple.

  7. Flower Pins I made these using Flower Beads, Glass Head Pins and E6000. You literally just dab a little dot of E6000 just below the head of the pin and insert it into the bead and then I set them upside down to dry. I also made a little felt piece for them to travel safely on with scrap fabrics sewn on.

If you make yourself a kit, I'd love to see it and what items you add to yours! Please share on social media with #quilterspropkit and feel free to tag me (@snugandstitch).

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