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You might go into shock when you see that I've published a new post. Yes I'm really here - I'm still alive and I actually have some really amazing things to share with the world wide internet. I've just been so very very busy. Let me explain... Last year my kids all went off to school in September and I looked around and decided - it's high time for a renovation. And not just any renovation. Let's put in the basement we've always talked about. So late September we started on our basement. It was "supposed" to take 2-3 weeks. Look - I'm not a fool and I know things go wrong. So I planned on it taking 4-5 weeks in my mind. Oh man. 4 months later I was nearly kicking and screaming to get contractors out of my house. I have had the most horrible of experiences when it comes to renovations and I don't know where to start telling the story. I'd like to say I'm glad it's done. But I actually had someone outside doing yard work today who noticed one more thing that wasn't finished! I don't even have it in me to sit down and cry anymore. It's not worth it.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot why I got on here to write a post. I got an Instagram Account for the blog! Because I'm not that great at posting about all of the things I'm doing - I figured this might be a more simple way to post about some things. Although I will still blog and I will still share posts overloaded with photos. But on the off-chance that I don't - now you know where to find me.

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