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Cork Heart Magnets

Updated: 5 days ago

These little magnets are super strong and great for holding things while you hand stitch. EPP, applique, binding, and more. I'm sure these are handy for more crafts than just quilting! I recently tried them out on binding and liked them more than clips.


  • Heart Shaped Magnets (Affiliate Link)

  • Cork Fabric Scraps (or vinyl or other thick, non-fraying fabrics)

  • Tracing Pencil or pen

  • Scissors


  1. Trace the Metal side of the Heart on the back of the cork. It's easier to slide these magnets apart than to pull.

  2. Cut out the heart on the cork. Cut just inside the lines drawn for the best fit.

  3. Remove the foam adhesive backing.

  4. Carefully align and place the cork heart with wrong side against the adhesive.

That's it! It's such a simple project for super cute magnets to add to your sewing kit.

If you (or your quilting friends) don't have cork fabric scraps, you can purchase a mix bag on Etsy for a relatively low-cost. You can also use vinyl, leather and other non-fraying fabrics.

If you're on social media I'd love to see your makes. Use #snugandstitch and #corkheartmagnets.

While you're here check out the quilt patterns in my shop!

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