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Strawberry Tote Variation: Silhouette Heat Transfer Vinyl and Rhinestones

If you have a Silhouette get excited! You can download the pattern to cut the seeds out for the Strawberry Tote! You can use heat transfer vinyl, or Silhouette's new interfacing to embellish the tote with little seeds of fabric! If you don't have the Silhouette, don't despair, you can trace the Seeds from the Original Pattern onto freezer paper and use that to stencil the seeds on using Fabric paint.

Here I used Heat Transfer Vinyl to do seeds on a tote. This is the White Flocked Heat Transfer from Silhouette. It worked perfectly!

If you really want to add some bling, you can also iron on some rhinestones. I've created the Silhouette File for that, but even if you don't have the rhinestone kit, or a Silhouette, you can just cut out the seeds on the pattern and carefully place the rhinestones like I did here:

Download the Silhouette Files here: Full Seeds & Rhinestones. (Rhinestone Size: 10ss/3mm) Did you notice the slightly different handle? I'll be back tomorrow to show you an easier way to do them!

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