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SPOOK ATTACK for Halloween {Free Printable}

I have the funnest friends. Last week after lunch with a friend of mine, we made some magnetic spiders. She found the idea on Delia Creates. A trip to Target supplied us with Spiders. They weren't even rings, so we didn't have to cut the ring off!

We used magnets from Wal-Mart. Next time I'll use smaller magnets so the spiders look better, but these turned out good enough. We glued them on with E6000 but I've had several fall off so I'm thinking Liquid Nails or Super Glue might have been better?

Spiders were quickly crawling all over. It's kind of creepy to have them all over the kitchen. I think I will be moving them to my door soon. They can join the monster wreaths out there.

After we finished the spiders we headed over to a friends house. Her husband has a pest control business. I know. Ha ha ha. We attacked her door with the spiders. I used a piece of cheese cloth for a web look and printed the sign "Spook Attack". Then we let the kids have at it.

Of course, we were a little too obvious and we got caught. The point was for the kids to have fun doing something good together so getting caught really wasn't a big deal!

Want to try your own Spook Attack? Here is the sign I made for you to download and print! Print it on fun colored paper, or just on white to blend. Have fun!

Please come back and let me know if you did it. I'd love to hear your Spook Attack stories.

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