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Quinn's Quilt

Remember the giveaway I had recently for a baby quilt? I have neglected to show you the finished quilt. The name the winner wanted changed, but this little quilt is hopefully now being enjoyed by Quinn! She is a triplet! Her two brothers won't be too jealous of the quilt though, it's very girly!

I used fabric from JoAnns and had so much fun designing this!

I used the little bird in the fabric as a pattern for the appliqué. I cut the letters and bird on the Silhouette using the sewable fabric interfacing! It was much easier to use this time, but PLEASE ALL - use the thin media cutting mat. I tried the thick and the interfacing is still stuck to it, it was a mess! I tried to peel it off, but it didn't work, washing it off didn't help either. Luckily I have another mat.

To make your own appliqué using shapes in your fabric you can either scan or take a picture of the fabric and open the image in Silhouette Studio. Then either trace or draw around the parts of the image you want to make. *Some drawing may be required.

I love how the bird is a combination of things: Fabric, Fuzzy Heat Transfer Vinyl and Embroidery! I even chose the appliqué stitch that I did because I thought it would add even more texture to the bird!

I have to confess though, as much as I love the fabrics, colors and design of the front of the quilt, I absolutely love the soft minky back! It makes it all that much more fun to snuggle a baby when their blanket is super soft.

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