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Free Printable Quilting Labels

Updated: May 25

When you cut out the quilt fabric a pattern labels each fabric and each cut typically by numbers and lettters. Instead of making labels for each pattern I decided to make free printable labels that can be laminated and re-used for most of my patterns and other designers patterns. Why so many colors and options? Because I frequently cut out a second quilt when I have labels in use on another one!

Fabric Cutting Labels - Snug & Stitch
Download PDF • 35KB


  1. Download Quilting Fabric Cut Labels file above.

  2. Print Label sheets at in Portrait, full page settings

  3. Trim excess paper from label sheet but do not cut out the labels individually.

  4. Laminate the label sheet.

  5. Cut out the labels individually.

  6. Clip each alphabet and number set individually.

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