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Photo Editing for Bloggers

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Every time I do a photo shoot I look at the photos and make tweaks to them. Unfortunately what would be perfect in print, does not always turn out perfect for my blog. For example, the photo that I posted just the other day is print ready, but then when I saw it published here, I died. It's darker and more muted than the actual photo. The effect is just not the same.

I almost always edit my photos before I post them. But it seemed so perfect I didn't touch that one. I was actually going to go on my last post and change the photo for a better quality one, but then I decided against it. Instead, I'm going to tell you what I did to improve it and show you why it's worth editing for the blog.

First I sharpened the image to add more detail. Then I ran 3 different actions from Totally Rad Actions. It was the easy way of boosting the color, contrast, and lighting in the photo. Basically for the web I made my photos sharper and more vibrant than I would for print. You can see the difference though, and why it's important to do when you look at the before and after!



Amazing the difference right?! OK, maybe this isn't new for some of you but I had to show you the difference. What I saw originally was not what you saw in the last post. Editing your photos for your blog is totally worth it! It can be a lot of work though. Photoshop Actions like I use from Totally Rad Actions are available for many different programs and make editing go a lot faster. You can find tons of free ones all over the internet, or even download "test" ones from different companies, to get an idea for how to use them and what companies you like best. I started out using free Photoshop Actions from The Pioneer Woman and I still use them along with many others!

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Hi, thanks for some tips on photo processing, but recently I encountered a problem that Instagram does not want to upload my photos due to their large size. I had to convert the photos to upload them, if you also need this, then read more about it on the Internet and on thematic sites, I’m sure you can fix it.

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