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Non-Buyers Remorse

I know we all sometimes have buyer's remorse after purchases. I think in this consumer driven world it's almost a given. We spend so much time making decisions on what to buy and how much to spend - groceries, home decor, technology, entertainment, clothing, cars, houses, etc. I know of a few times I actually had buyer's remorse. But for the amount of things I purchase, I'm grateful to say I rarely regret the purchase. Normally I'm glad I purchased it.

I guess I don't experience the remorse often because I am a thrifty shopper, especially when it comes to home decor, clothing, and anything craft related. Maybe that is what caused my recent dilemma. Let's call it Non-Buyers Remorse (for lack of a more creative name).

Two weeks ago I was in a very awesome home decor store. One that is a little more expensive. I could buy their stuff, but I'd rather go there, be inspired and make something similar for under half the price. While there I found this glass tile artwork that was just perfect for a gift for someone. I mean, I saw it and automatically the person came to mind. It was perfect. But I didn't want to spend the money right then - I wanted to think about it. There-in was my mistake. Upon my return, it was already sold. Hence, Non-Buyers Remorse. I lament not having made the purchase immediately. Now I am scouring the Internet to find the same item, but alas to no avail. Has that happened to you? It's bothering me so much today. I really want that item now.

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