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New Products in my Studio

Updated: Apr 7

This was a "new-to-me" product: Cheryl Ann's portable design wall. I received one in a large estate bundle that my friend dropped off last year. I have never used a design wall before and I completely loved having one while I made the Wanderer's Wife scrappy quilt. However, my studio is a small bedroom and it honestly took up too much space for my sanity. I would recommend this product for anyone that has enough space for it or for retreats or sew-ins. But personally, I'd prefer something more space saving. I have a few ideas of what I'd like to get, but I'm still trying to decide.

Have you seen the new Fableism Monarch Grove wovens? The new fat quarter bundle just arrived from Dame and Dane Quilting Co and I'm thrilled with the colors and texture. I can't wait to add these into my quilt pulls! I also highly recommend Emily's new quilt pattern, Cassandra. She's an excellent designer and the versions of this quilt that I have seen from her testers have been so pretty.

Katherine Curtsinger of It's Only Fabric and Thread just published a book "Fun With Scraps". It has 24 patterns specifically for scrap fabrics and honestly, I love them all. It's a beautiful book and I'm excited to try these patterns out on my growing scrap stash.

Lastly, my longarmer gifted me a quilted Fat Quarter with foam batting for bags. She challenged me to make something for myself with it. I decided to make a Holland Pouch from Center Street Quilts and I picked up a fun rainbow zipper for it at Hobby Lobby.

What are some of your new favorite quilt purchases? Share in the comments.

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