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My Husband's Hats

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

I've shared before how amazing my husband is. But it still surprises me sometimes how well he can crochet. I digress - I am also a little envious as well. I do not know how to crochet, I'm not sure I could do it even if I spent years trying to master the art. Anyhow - he whipped these up in no time for some friends of ours. Seriously, the only reason I'm not super jealous is because I benefit from this talent too. (For once, I'm not the one making the gift!)

And because some of you will ask - I bought him this pattern, from the Lily Knitting Etsy shop. This was probably one of the easier patterns for him to follow. Lots of pictures to show each step! And the little flowers turned out so cute!

He also made more of these (PDX Beanies Visor Beanie) - one for my sweet friend pictured below (I love her and she is a way cuter model) and one for me!

Lastly he made another one for one of his close friends. I love the stripes in these ones.

Now if only I could learn to Crochet. Maybe between the two of us we'd muster up enough patience for a beautiful blanket. Crocheted blankets are gorgeous, but they seem so daunting!

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