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My Crafty Side

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

I have a passion for Interior Design and crafts. It's not hidden at all, almost anyone who knows me at all is well aware of it. It seems I always have a project on the side burner. No kidding. During my years in University I think the hardest thing on me was suppressing my artsy side in order to focus more on the textbooks. I spent several years doing very little craft-wise. Since graduating (and adjusting to Motherhood) I have gotten back to my old love.

My crafty side took over recently. I decided that instead of buying something for my husbands new niece, I would go all out and create something unique for her. I did go all out. I waited until I knew the nursery set they were getting, went and checked it out, bought the crib sheet and then headed to Jo-Ann's. I bought fabric and paper and then came home and started creating.

I used produce crates (small ones) from Win Co and redecorated them. Then I made a scrappy quilt, scrappy burp cloths, and out of left-over fabric I made some change table pads. (I have pads like them for my change table and it sure saved me having to wash the cover so often.)

I'm so pleased with how it all turned out!

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