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OK - these sites are just a few sites I had up on my screen today.... Handmade crafts anyone? I've seriously been considering selling my own crafts here. I wonder how much I should charge? (ETA: No longer up.) I really want to order the soaps and candles this company makes. I mean - when it looks so good you want to eat it - how can you resist? Right now they only have the blog going - but here you will be able to order hand printed textiles. (I believe you will also be able to have your own design printed! How cool is that?) (ETA: No longer up.) This company makes bridesmaids/formal dresses. You choose the top and the bottom style, the fabric, the color, and a few additional things. (They have 4 tops styles with sleeves!) The prices are amazing. This is perfect for weddings with several bridesmaids because you can reserve fabric bolts so the fabric for all the dresses matches perfectly. The other fun thing is all the bridesmaids could choose their own style of dress but match the fabric. I love ordering things from this company. I have a canvas picture of my husband holding our son on his Blessing Day with a poem I wrote. Tons of people have asked where I got it - this is the site. It's a great way to personalize something.

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