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Launch Status Check Quilt Along: Week 5

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

The Launch Status Check quilt along has reached my personal favorite part of quilting. This week we are assembling the top!


We've already discussed chain piecing. I always look for opportunities to chain piece to speed things up. This quilt is definitely an option. If you are doing the three color version you can actually chain piece in 4 block sections as show below. Stack the entire quilt in this 4 block layout, then once you assemble and press those chain stitch them together in rows and columns. You can also assemble the entire quilt by chain stitching rows and columns from the start.

This 4 block layout repeats through the whole quilt. Unless you are making a variation you can stack them all like this for chain stitching.

If you are making a variation of the quilt I recommend laying out the entire quilt on the floor or using a quilt wall to make sure you have all the colors in the correct place before assembly.


The B Blocks with their angled snowball corners require that you align the seams differently than if they were straight when you join them to block A (the head of the rocket). Put the blocks right sides together and where your seams meet in the middle, fold down the edge 1/4" and make sure the seams meet. Pin to keep it from shifting as you sew.

Thanks to Suzy Quilts, I was introduced to Clover Fork Pins for aligning seams and keeping the seams flat when sewing. They are my favorite to use during quilt assembly.

Forked Pins keep seems really nicely lined up when sewing quilt blocks.


I don't think I'll ever stop repeating the importance of pressing your seams! Press your seams flat and it will help your quilt lay evenly on the batting and provide a much more even quilt top!

Happy sewing this week. You're so close to a finished top!

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