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It's Finally Finished!

No, not the flooring, or the baseboards, or the many small renovations going on around the house still. (Mind you we have ordered the carpeting.) What's finished was an idea I got a long time ago for a piece of artwork. I almost thought it would never come to fruition. I found a small piece of artwork some time ago at Deseret Book. It was some nature pictures with a small golden plaque that had my favorite scripture on it. I really liked it, but I wished the scripture were readable and that the artwork were larger. Aside from all that though, it was just too expensive for something that I only kind of liked. (Somewhere between $120-$150.) Then one day I was at Target, and I found (I think) the exact same nature shots but much larger. It was $60! Now only the scripture was missing. I searched online for some time to get a matching frame, but to no avail. Eventually I caved and bought a second piece of the same artwork. With a little work (pulling out the pictures, getting glass from Lowes, gluing it in, taping the back, and designing, ordering, and applying the lettering) I finally have exactly what I wanted. It was about the same price as the original in the end, but the results are worth it!

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