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How does your garden grow?

Gardening is actually something I enjoy doing. I think I had forgotten that after the years of living in rentals. But this year I have my very own (alright, I share with my husband - ha ha ha) flower gardens! I must admit I didn't really know where to begin. I mean - perrenials, annuals, sun, shade, vines and ground covers were just the beginning choices. It's true, I felt overwhelmed. So I did a little internet research and learned a whole lot. But now it's experiment time!

I bought a ton of plants at a local High School Plant Sale. Did I mention that when I realized how much a flower garden can cost I nearly choked? Luckily the sale saved me a TON of money. Next year I'll be buying there again. So now I just have to plant them all! Unfortunately, it's been raining so much I'm not sure I'll ever see enough sunshine to motivate me to go outside.

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