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Garage Sales and Consignment Shopping

The past two weekends I have been having fun at Garage and Consignment Sales. At the garage sales I mostly looked for toys. I decided that it's time to add new toys (you know the loud, obnoxious, exactly what will entertain your child for hours kind) to my back-up collection. In case you're wondering, that's the stash in the garage that you rotate when your child is bored and driving you completely insane. (OK, so it happens once in a while.) Anyhow - I had great success: Garage Sales: $5 Older Fisher Price Great Adventures Pirate Ship $20 on E-Bay $5 Fisher-Price Drop and Roar Dinosaur $20 on E-Bay $3 Hasbro Playskool Ball Busy Ball Popper $20 on $5 Older Fisher Price Magic Castle $20 on E-Bay $1 The Lion King Play Set $15 on E-Bay $8 Old Navy Stunt Driver Costume (worn once and never even washed) $30 on E-Bay $12 Children's Place Girls White Furry Winter Coat $25 on E-Bay (this was for a friend) $30 solid wood desk (worth well over $100 and our favorite out of all new and used we've seen) $1 Photo Frame (to fit 4 8x10 size photos) Consignment Sale: $44 4 pairs of pants, 5 shirts, 1 sweater, 2 pajamas, and a swim outfit with the built-in life vest (all like-new condition, that's $3.35/piece) Let's just say we saved a ton of money shopping this way! And we had a ton of fun.

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