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Families Are Forever Block Update

Mother's day is Sunday folks! I am so excited because this Sunday, my little guy will be the adorable Sunbeam in the first row singing to me. I still can't believe he's graduated from Nursery to Primary at church. But that was months ago already!

Anyhow, there are lots of great ideas out there for Mothers, but I thought I'd remind you of these blocks I posted about last year. (I did not make these particular blocks, but I prepared the vinyl file for cutting.) You can go back to that link to get the file.

Unfortunately, I promised when I posted I'd tell you the size of blocks you would need, and I never did post it. I forgot. So, I have figured out the sizes of wood you need, and the lengths you need to cut. Now you can actually go ahead and make these!

When you buy the boards - they will be marked as 1"x3" but due to the fact that the wood is wet when cut, it actually is slightly smaller than that. Don't worry, I took this into account in the measurements.

The center pieces are cut on 1"x3" boards. You need 22" of that size.

The "F" and Heart are cut on 1"x4" boards. You need 9" of that size.

Cutting Instructions:

1"x3" - 11", 2.25", 2" (x2), 1.75", 1.5" (x2)

1"x4" - 4.5" (x2)

This image shows what size blocks go where, and how it is all put together. (Note that the "F" and the Heart blocks are on end. Cut edges up and down not side-to-side like the other blocks.)

You can go to the original post to download the Free Silhouette File!

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