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Do you Bosch?

My husband and I got a (Universal) Bosch for our wedding from some dear friends of ours. I honestly can say every time I pull it out I am so grateful to them. I love it. I love the mixer and especially love the blender. I'm sure there are other blenders out there with such super abilities, but none that I have ever used. This one is awesome. It blends my 5 cups of oatmeal for cookies to fine powder, and the graham crackers too. It makes a smoothie in no time flat. It's just my favorite. There has been one slight problem with this blender since we started using it though. The bottom is really hard to get out. REALLY HARD. As in, we've even tried pliers, and other things to try to pull it apart - to no avail. Just so you understand - this has been going on for almost three years. It wouldn't be such a problem but I prefer to have the blades and entire thing clean. Tonight was the last straw. I pulled out the blender after a few weeks of down time. It had little dots of mold growing around the bottom ring. That was it! Absolute last straw. I tried again then handed it to my husband and made him try again. Not a budge. I was so frustrated. I considered my options: 1. Replace the blender. 2. Search for a solution. The second option seemed the obvious first step. So I googled the problem "Bosch blender how to get bottom off". To my utter surprise there were a lot of results. Seems many others have had the same problem. So here's the solution: Pop the center out of the blender lid. Put the lid on the bottom, as you would on the top, and press down. The twisty part (not so good on technical terms here) should come up through the center of the lid a ways. Now twist the lid. It works fabulously. Trust me. It was apparently designed to work that way! After nearly three years of wondering why anyone would make a blender so hard to take apart I finally figured it out. Yeah me! So to all you Bosch owners - when the bottom gets stuck use the lid!

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