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Cute Halloween Monster Wreaths

I got this idea from the Family Fun Magazine. Their Fur-ocious Wreath was so cool I had to try it. Of course, my version ended up looking less creepy monster and more cute cookie monster, but the kids love it and that is all that matters to me. I figured I could do it for less money if I bought my supplies at the dollar store instead of JoAnns. Inspired by I am Momma Hear Me Roar - I headed to the Dollar Store for a Toilet Seat Cover. I figured it worked well for her awesome viking costume, so it would work for the wreath as well. No luck. Instead I picked up the wreath frames, a green scarf, an orange microfiber rag, and some googly eyes.

(You'll see what I did with the other stuff later this week!)

The cloth I wrapped around the smaller wreath frame, and cut on the inside using a similar method to Family Fun the hot glued pieces in place.

The scarf I wrapped around and stitched in the back to hold it in place, hot gluing only at the end of the scarf. I only trimmed off a small part of the scarf. The eyes I kept simple. I might go back and add more and teeth in the middle (using white cardstock) to make it a little meaner, but the result was fun. My son immediately dubbed it the Cookie Monster.

I think this is the first year I've actually decorated for Halloween with more than a pumpkin and I'm glad I did. The kids really love it and so do I!

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