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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Lately I've been so dissapointed with all the craft stores I have been visiting. Jo-Anns and Michaels just don't cut it anymore. I mean, I walk in and it's the same old. I've seen the stuff before, there doesn't seem to be much new - unless you stroll over to the seasonal section, and that's just not why I go there in the first place. So - needless to say I was very excited to take a trip to Ben Franklin with my Mom and few weeks ago. I got even more excited when we arrived and discovered a side-walk sale! Let's just say it was like Heaven opened for a minute and I could hear singing. At this point I'd normally be calling myself back to reality - but honestly, I'd rather revel in the few moments I have to remember the store. Ahh... So it was fantastic. It had so much of what I've been looking for, new modern things, fabric to enjoy, vinyl lettering (that you can purchase and order) a bead section that actually made me want to start back up, and so much more. Why is it that it can't be in my town. Oh well - I'll be making excursions there as often as I can. (Which, I confess, this week I plan to go.) It was so purely delightful to go to a craft store that actually had stuff to inspire me. Thank you Ben Franklin for fulfilling this crafters needs!

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