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Book End Make-Over

There are times I see something and know exactly what to do with it. In fact, that's normal for me. I find it hard not to bring home a new project from a thrift store, yard sale, craft store, friends house or wherever else inspiration hits me. So when I wind up with a project that stumps me, I have to confess it's annoying. It's as if it was teases me.

That is what happened to me with these book ends. They were my Husband's Mother's and we were given them a few years back. I liked the style, especially the Fleur-de-lis, but it needed a fresh new look.

The possibilities were endless, but I honestly didn't know what I wanted to do with these. Not a clue!

Last year The CSI Project (a site for some crafty inspiration) they had an incredible project a link party for Ballard Designs inspired projects. Wow! I have not spent enough time on Ballard Designs site. (I'll confess, I'd only ever looked at that site once before. Truth be told.) So I started browsing for inspiration. There I found the solution to my book end dilemma:

Seriously, isn't this photo beautiful? I suddenly knew then exactly what was going to happen to the book ends. Inspiration found! (Thank-you CSI Project.)

I pulled the book-ends apart, removed the beautiful Fleur-de-lis and got busy spray painting. I applicatied of Burlap using Mod-podge. (Is it OK if I confess, I'm not huge on burlap - no way am I making a scratchy burlap pillow. Sorry! This was my first time using it.) I painted the Fleur-de-lis' and glued it back on. Can you believe it? These are so adorable now! Here they are holding my little collection of Maggie Muggins books, collected in my childhood.

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