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Blog Makeover Complete!

I finally had a few spare minutes to work out the problems with my blog. It looked fine in one browser, and then was all messed up in another, so I've spent a lot of time working to fix it. Here's where I confess something. I finally turned the blog over to my husband and had him fix it. What I had been working on for hours he fixed in 20 minutes! (Thanks Love.) It is handy to have someone who knows CSS in the house. We finally finished the new blog look last night! It's fun and colorful and finally looks complete with the background. Of course, I love change, so it may not last long!

For those of you who use a feed reader, here's what the site looked like:

I liked the color scheme, and the design, but I wanted my blog name to stand out more, and after a year it was time for a change. And here's the new look:

I am loving the change! I added the phrase "creativity is born of necessity" because that is how I feel about creativity. I didn't become creative just because I decided to one morning, it was because I need to create. To save money, to have an outlet, to surround myself with beauty, to improve my life. Whatever it may be, I need to create. So I do.

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