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Family Here On Earth - Coloring Page

On occasion I doodle at church while my kids color. It began as doodles for the kids to color, It helps them to keep quiet and I actually think they listen more to talks when their hands are busy. At least I like to think that.

I've also recently started learning a little bit more in the way of doodling using ZenTangle and other fun methods. It's really fun to draw something like this and then color it in. Of course, my children like to do that as well.

As a challenge to myself last week I decided to try to turn my rushed doodle into a digital coloring page. It was really fun challenging my Illustrator abilities and learning a few new things. I think I'll be making more of these.

(Part of the original doodle - colored by my son.)

This coloring page has a phrase from a very popular LDS Primary Song - "Families Can Be Together Forever". It can be colored as is, but I left white space for you to add your own flair to it. Have fun! Feel free to share your finished work with me.

The printable is designed in 8x10" for you to print, color and frame if desired.

FREE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY- By downloading or printing this file you agree to the following terms: This file is for use in your own creative projects; not for commercial use. Please do not sell or offer these downloads as your own creations. Please do not distribute these files to others, but refer others here to download for themselves instead - these files are given freely for download from my site only. Thanks for your understanding! Your own designs created with these files may be submitted to magazines, contests and Internet galleries, with proper credit given to Maggie Muggins Designs. If you have questions about the use of a file please contact me through email.

Share your finished pages on social media with #maggiemugginsdesigns.

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