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Updated: May 6, 2021

I was at Hobby Lobby a while ago and this really cute chalkboard there tempted me. I loved it - but in between putting it in my cart and the checkout I for some reason briefly forgot my disdain for chalk. I REALLY dislike it. I don't even want to touch it. So imagine my surprise that a chalkboard made its way to my house.

You all know what happened right? It sat blank for weeks until finally I bought a liquid chalk marker and attempted to write a nice little quote on it in chalk. That was messy and funny looking. So I searched for a printable but it's a weird size frame. I actually found a few prints with this quote from Corrie Ten Boom: "Happiness isn't something that depends on our surroundings... It's something we make inside ourselves." I wound up just making a printable because of the odd size.

How Do I Make My Own Happiness?

Last week as I was preparing for my lesson in Relief Society (this is the lesson here) I was reminded of this printable I made. The lesson was on Living Joyfully in Troubled Times. Am I living my own troubled times? Yes. Am I living joyfully? I like to think I am or that I'm at least trying to. But I still needed this message.

Heavenly Father has blessed me with so much peace and happiness even though my Mom only recently passed away. I loved this quote from the lesson:

"Happiness here and now consists in freely, lovingly, joyfully acknowledging God’s will for us—and doing it in all ways and all affairs big and small."

For me accepting His will does not mean that I understand it - it means I trust in Him to make all things work out for my good - even when that seems impossible. I trust His promises. I believe in Him. That can be difficult for many people. Faith can take effort to grow. I don't understand why my Mom had cancer, why she had to leave this mortal existence so soon. I do believe that Heavenly Father has a plan for her and a plan for me (and all of us), I believe that I will someday be reunited with her. I also believe that as I obey His commands and try to do His work that He will bless me with happiness, peace, and perhaps understanding. I have to make that happiness for myself though. No one can make it for me.

I didn't have time to play this video during my lesson - but Elder Nelson shares this message so beautifully that I hope you take the time to watch it... Men's Hearts Shall Fail Them.

Want to print this for yourself? Think of anyone who could use this reminder? You can download the printable below.

FREE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY - By downloading this file you agree to the following terms: This file is for use in your own creative projects; not for commercial use. Please do not sell or offer this download as your own. Please do not distribute this file to others, but refer others here to download it for themselves instead -- my files are given freely for download from my site only. Thanks for your understanding! If you have questions about the use of a file please contact me through email.

DOWNLOAD HERE: 8.5x11" OR 8x10" OR 11x14" Enjoy the file. If you use it please tag #maggiemugginsdesigns on social media.

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