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Spice Labels {Free Print and Silhouette Files}

I showed you all my favorite new Spice Drawer just last week.

Of course, I know some of you might want to do this too so I've prepared the files that I used for my Spice Jars to share with you! You can download either the Silhouette version or the PDF file. The Silhouette file you can edit.

I used these Spice Jars. I actually bought a second set after getting the first one finished.

2022 Edit: The shipping labels held up well over the years, but they were not waterproof. If I were to make these today I would use a waterproof printable vinyl sheet or sticker much like a water bottle sticker.

I printed the file with Registration Marks.

Then cut it on the Silhouette (Speed 8, Thickness 12 - I should have used 13).

Then you place the stickers on the lids. Lining them up was not too difficult. I wasn't perfect, but it still looks pretty good. Remember, if you edit the text in the Silhouette file to re-align the text to the center of the circle. This is already set up to cut only the outer circle, but I would confirm that is what it will do before cutting. The font I used on these was Myriad Pro and must be installed for use with the Silhouette. Either that or use your own font. As with all my free shared files, these are for Personal Use Only. Please share photos of your projects made from these files in my Facebook Group Maggie Muggins Patterns.

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