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June Showers

I must admit I've begun to wonder if Washington was told that April has showers NOT June. No - this is not me complaining about the rain, I'm just observing the fact that we've had a lot of rain recently. I love the rain. OK not entirely, but I really am thankful to live in such a rainy place. I love to sit on the couch, bundled up and stare outside. I watch people go by and wonder what they are up to. I think about the other people staying inside and consider what they might be doing on their rainy day. Perhaps baking (what a wonderful aroma) or maybe playing games. Whatever it is I always hope they are enjoying it. I have to admit that one of the best things about rain is the sound. The pitter patter on the roof (and especially on our skylight) is such a soothing sound to me.

I suppose that I can understand all those people running about outside, getting soaked, cursing the rain for making their pants wet for half a day, but when you have a few brief moments to sit and enjoy the rain I don't know how truly hate it. The rain is what keeps this area so green and vibrant. I'll take that over a dried out lawn any day. It is also really fun to bundle up and play in the rain. Seriously - have you ever had a bad time playing in the rain?

I must confess I think my favorite rainy day activity (and this of course is not in a downpour, but a light sprinkling) is to be soaking in a hot tub! Someday, I am going to have one on my back patio. But until then, I will just curl up with a good book near the window and enjoy the rain.

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