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 Thanks for for your interest in wholesale with Snug & Stitch!

I have one pattern available currently in paper printed format: my Launch Status Check quilt pattern. I am currently working to update the pattern and convert all my other patterns online to booklet format.

All patterns include various quilt size options, colorful diagrams, detailed instructions and alternate color ideas. They also include a link to printable coloring pages. They have also been thoroughly reviewed, I use a technical editor and pattern testers for every size of the pattern. 


Patterns are printed on a 5.5" x 8.5" high quality, coated gloss paper booklet. They each have a product barcode, you will be able to fill in details from my website. They are also enclosed in individual clear zip bags. 


Distributers - I currently publish and ship myself. This is the only place you can purchase wholesale.

My current minimum order is 6 and shipping is free to the continental US, $4 flat rate to anywhere else.

In order to make a wholesale order please email me:

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