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The Museum of Glass

This month I had the privilege of having my oldest nephew visit from Canada. It was so much fun to have him here, even for a few days. I feel bad that while he was here my son and I were both a little sick. But we had a ton of fun with him. One of my friends Kali spent a few hours with him talking about photography and helping him learn the more artistic side. He knows so much about the technical side and understands it so well. Anyhow, he had a fabulous time learning from her. I'm more than certain he's already trying to figure out just how to get a version of Photoshop so he can learn to use it better. After some time at Kali's we went on to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. It was so cool. It was really fun to see them making glass pieces in the Hot Shop and then go into the gallery and browse and admire all the cool pieces. My favorite piece of all (which we weren't allowed to take pictures of) was a very large butterfly made up of tiny little tubes of glass fused together. It was so intricately detailed and so pretty.

After viewing the gallery we walked through the gift shop, which had some really cool pieces as well. There my nephew took a ton of pictures. Lastly we walked up on the roof. It not only has some cool art up there, but it also has an awesome view of Tacoma. So much fun! My favorite picture is the one he took of my dear son!

We really miss my wonderful nephew and do look forward to seeing him again soon! And to all his jealous siblings - you'll get your turn to come visit soon!

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