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Googly Eye Frame

Thanks so much to Courtney from A Diamond in the Stuff for this idea. Of course, it's all over now, because it's so cute.

I picked up my supplies at the Dollar Store when I picked up the supplies for the Monster Wreaths. $1 for the Frame, $2 for 2 bags of Googly Eyes, yellow hot glue I had at home and the rest of the supplies too.

I left the frame silver because I was too lazy to get out the paint. (Plus my son would then have HAD to help paint and I was most definitely to lazy to clean that mess up!)

As I hot glued the eyes using some old yellow sticks I messed up a few times and got too much glue - so it popped out around the eyes. I decided I liked that look better than the silver frame showing through, plus the texture of it was cool - kind of like it was slime or something. I kind of wish I used glow-in-the-dark hot glue to creep it up a little. Yes I just wrote "creep it up". Mwa ha ha ha!

And after my husbands comment at the dinner table "I just saw one of the eyes move" I had to put this quote in the frame:

I also made a version that says "I've got my eyes on you!" I put both version in a PDF file for you to download for FREE! You can get it HERE. Of course, as per usual this file is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. By downloading it you agree to the terms.

For another cute decoration I popped one of my boys pumpkins on the base of my cloche that I made.

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