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Singing His Praises

You could say I was spoiled this Mother's Day, and that would be an understatement. It must be that my awesome husband hasn't forgotten how difficult pregnancy can be, or perhaps, he just can't get labor out of his head. I'm sure that the endless hours I have spent caring for our son have given me some Mommy points as well.

I really wasn't sure how this Mother's Day could be better than the last. I mean, last year we were in Canada with my family, our tiny new baby, and we had him blessed. I got a beatiful necklace then. But somehow my husband managed to wow me again.

He had several gifts wrapped: a snow-cone maker and some of the snow-cone syrups (yum), a lavender bath set, and several other gifts (some were just things he picked up at the store and decided to wrap to throw me off and for laughs). Then, he wrapped little notes onto 3 roses with gifts for me to use later:

1. Lunch at Ipanema

2. Spa time

3. Dinner and a Movie without the kid

I'd say he went over the top, but then he might take something back before I get to use it. He truly spoiled me.

I only have one problem with all this - There's no way to beat that on Father's Day!

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