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Simply Doing Something - Aka Girls Night Out

As a stay at home Mom I've come to terms with the lack of mentally stimulating conversation, the routine tasks, and those days you just seem to barely make it through. (If you're a Mom - you know what I mean.) Not that staying at home is not enjoyable. I love it. I wouldn't have it any other way. But if you're a stay at homer you know how important a night out can be.

So, as a solution, in March I invited a large group of friends over to my house. (10 to be exact.) Not that I really have the room. I planned a simple craft and some treats. They were all so excited - I mean - REALLY excited. It wasn't hard to plan. I enjoyed every minute of it. My friends all arrived and we had a blast. It wasn't meant to take too much time (an hour or so) but three hours later when people were leaving and I looked at the clock I laughed. Had we really spent that much time talking and making marble magnets? I checked another clock just to make sure. We had

So - this has officially become a monthly event. It's so much fun to plan and organize and I'm grateful that my friends are so enthusiastic about it. We had a recipe exchange in April and planned our next 3 activities. I can't wait. Which reminds me - I need to get the invites together.

The best part is that my husband is more than willing to watch our son. He's the greatest Husband and Dad! Not that it's really hard on him, he gets together with the other husbands and all the kids play while they play the Wii!

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