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Me Jumping for Joy and then Halting Mid-Jump!

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

OK - So over a month ago I discovered this really cool site Spoonflower. I was so enthralled by the possibilities of digital fabric printing that I signed up to wait for a Special Invitation. I thought about what I would print, what I would do, and was so overwhelmed by possibilities. I mean, my own creativity is my limit (it's no longer what's in stock at the fabric store). Then the other day as I scrolled through my e-mails I found an invitation for me from Spoonflower! Oh I was so excited, so thrilled! And then it hit me - I have to design something now. Not that I can't, don't get me wrong. It's just I have to narrow down all those ideas and choose something, and hope that I get it right. That is what overwhelms me and keeps me from literally jumping for joy. Maybe I will once I've finished a design and see it printed. Lately I've been so disappointed by the lack of lines that are perfect for little boys. I mean, practically all of what's out there is perfect for a cute little girly girl item. So that's where my plans are at now. Wish me luck!

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