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Desperate Need

My Mom and I were talking about General Conference this week as we look forward to watching it this weekend. She mentioned how every Conference she is uplifted and the messages are so wonderful but how come time for the next Conference it's almost like you're in Desperate Need of the Spiritual uplifting.

I feel like that today. I can't help but look forward to an awesome weekend learning from the leaders of our church. General Conference has always been something I look forward to. After the amazing talks during the R.S. Broadcast last weekend, I am sure we're in for some amazing talks. I have no doubt that the Desperate Need will be filled.

I will confess, the fact that we can watch Conference on BYUTV from home makes the 4 sessions a lot easier to listen to. Especially considering the fact that we won't have to try to keep the toddler entertained.

So to all those of you watching General Conference, I sincerely hope that you are uplifted as well.

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